“Dim the Lights, Pull the Blinds, and Get Yourself a FREE Download From One of the ‘Dark Horses’ of the Post-Punk Landscape…”

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RIP IT UP – “Adelaide trio Black Coral have a rich, layered sound that masterfully harks back to early 80s England.  The three-piece have built a strong following since their inception in 2012.”
THEMUSIC.COM.AU– “Black Coral are spiritual torchbearers to Joy Division. They’re the kind of band that make you feel sad, but you’re kind of happy about it!”



As one reviewer from BSide Magazine put it, “(Black Coral) hark back to the golden age of POST-PUNK and reflect positively on its future.”  In short, if you love music that enters you into a deep, charged world by bands like Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Dinosaur Jnr, The Cure, but also DIIV and Black Mountain, then Black Coral is a solid addition to your collection.

The haunting lyrics awash in reverb, driving synth lines and the vast interior spaces of guitar takes listeners into a mind-space unique to Black Coral.  You could say it is 80’s inspired Post Punk, but this is a band dedicated to making music completely new for our times and free from genre.

For a limited time Black Coral are giving away three free singles.  Just enter your first name and email address under the big red arrow and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

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